Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday School Teachers

We are appreciating our Sunday School
teachers and helpers tomorrow.

Have you heard of Wordle?

The kids have been working
the entire year
on learning a song
with all the books of the Bible.

Let me tell you,
they rock it!

So I put all the books into Wordle,
played around a bit,
and came up with a few choices.

Books of the Bible I:

Wordle: Books of the Bible I

Books of the Bible II:

Wordle: Books of the Bible II

Books of the Bible III:

Wordle: Books of the Bible III

I think it's gorgeous as art,
but it's practically a puzzle
because I can't help
but start to look
for the books in order!

My biggest tip would be to put a ~ where you want the words to link together.
For example, I put "1st~2nd~Chronicles"
and it came out "1st 2nd Chronicles"

Have fun!
Feel free to copy these if you're interested.


  1. What a wonderful idea! Love this! Send me an email and Ill send you a Pinterest invite - but it is SERIOUSLY addicting!