Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Quilt Along: The Back!

I found the fabric for the back of the Christmas quilt!
Look at this gorgeous, burgandy nativity toile:

I love it!
(And it was 50% off!)

Because I don't want to pay extra for custom quilting,
I'll be quilting this one myself.

I met with my quilter today to discuss
the previous quilt's issues with her.
I'm glad to say all is well!

The relationship with your quilter
is much like the one with your hairdresser.
(Or so I've heard, since I actually go to GreatClips! :o))
She's learning what I like as far as quilting goes
and so am I.

Without going into details, it has all worked out!
She DID quilt the design I picked
but there are some options that could be changed
to give it more the look I prefer.
Apparently I'm different and don't like the default settings!

I did leave my next quilt with her.
For some reason I didn't take a "before" picture
so I will have to show you the "after" next week.

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