Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No pigs allowed!

We got our swine flu vaccinations!

We got to the clinic held by the health department
(I even pulled One out of school early)
and we still weren't first in line!

We were, however, prepared to wait a looooong time!
Games, food, chalk, toys....
the mom next to us even brought a table!

Look how official this looks! It was so surreal! I mean, when does the doctor not have enough vaccinations?!? Here come the health officials:

Three was the only one of us who already had his shot so he was completely relaxed with the whole situation:

How we felt about getting sick:

After three hours of waiting outside in the cold and rain, they led us into the elementary school cafeteria to fill out some paperwork and then into the gym for our shots. This line went to the end of that hallway back there, around a corner, out the building, out to the sidewalk, down to the street corner, around that corner, and halfway down the block!

Did I mention that the line was that long and the clinic wasn't even due to start for another 30 minutes? Yeah, talk about people being desperate to get the vaccine!

But wahoo!!!!! We got 5 of those precious 1000 doses! And good thing too! After that clinic, the county canceled all future clinics due to lack of vaccine! Whew! You don't even know how relieved I feel!

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