Friday, May 28, 2010

The One Hour (ie-Three Day) Tote

I've had this bag, a basic tote,
on my to-do list for awhile:

(pic from sewmamasew)

The tutorial looked easy,
you can find it here.

Well, come to find out,
the tutorial is from the sister
of a girl I know!
As soon as I found that out,
I had to make it right away.

Okay, confession time:
What should take about an hour
took me three days.
Want to know why it took "only" three days?
Because Four took an insanely
long nap today! Hurray!

I made mine with home dec fabric
I had on hand from
the remnant bin at Joann's:

and decided to line it as well:

Then I decided the floral
looked a little granny
so I turned it inside out
and like it so much better:

There you have it!
If you're looking to make a bag,
it's a great pattern.

You could also
fill it with some fun things
and make it a gift!

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