Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunday & Two's Graduation

So here's my pic for Sunday
and yes, I know it's Tuesday.
Oh well!

But Two had her preschool graduation!

I could hardly get a picture of her
before we left because she
was so excited to get to school!

There was a little program:

(Thank goodness for my short little kids,
they always get to be in front!)

She said good-bye to friends:

And we even got a great family picture!
Gran should be a photograher,
this was her one and only picture!

Picking Two up from preschool for the last time
was a little bittersweet.
She's one of the youngest in her grade
and the opportunity is there
to hold her back one year.
But I would be holding her back for me;
she is ready and so excited
for kindergarten.

Little Two,
my preschool grad.

1 comment:

  1. These pictures are absolutely adorable!!! Two is so precious! I love the pic before school!
    Great pictures! Beautiful family!