Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Prep Craft #2

One has asked for a Darth Vader costume.
Dark Vader, actually.

Which reminds me of the time he asked my mom to buy him some life savers.
She of course agreed and the next time we were at Goodwill
One thought he hit the jackpot when he found a light saber...
(can you see where I"m going yet?)
and I said I was not buying it for him
- did I mention it made obnoxious noises? -
to which he replied, "Gran said she would get me one"

A very confusing phone call later
Gran realized that while she thought she was agreeing to buy life savers
One couldn't have been happier at how easily she agreed to buy him a light saber!

Uh oh.

Gran, however, would never want to disappoint her sweet One
so she made the trek to our Goodwill
bought the light saber and promptly declared it
An Outside Toy.

Did I mention how smart she is?

Anyway, that was a huge side step.
I'm not quite sure One realizes that Darth Vader is a bad guy.
I know I am not a fan of my child dressing up like a bad guy.
So I made him these pants:

To go with this shirt
to ensure they become Batman pants.

I made them with the same pattern as the pajama pants from Christmas. They are SO EASY! They might just be My Favorite Thing to sew right now. Seriously people, they were like a 30 minute project.

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