Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One's Sixth Birthday, Mucho Style

One is now SIX YEARS OLD!!!

He woke up to streamers at his doorway:

We brought cookies to his school
Cookies that he got to pick out
Cookies that I was not even allowed to make (hurray!)
Cookies that had no peanut products
According to One, these are "oreo donuts" :)

Then we picked him up from school in a decked out van:

Can't show you the other sides because of course his name isn't really "One"
But they say: "One" is 6! and
Happy 6th Birthday ONE!

Then it was his choice for afternoon activities:
We went to Sonic for an after-school snack
Stopped at Goodwill to pick out a toy
(how does a perfectly working gameboy for $3 sound?!)
Visited DaddyMan at his work

And then he could pick anything he wanted for dinner,
noodle salad and a giant nacho!

Not overly well-rounded but I love that he picked a dish I sneak veggies into! And that giant nacho? I made it once as an after-school snack because I had some leftover (and stale, shhh) tostada shells.... who knew it would be such a hit?!

Happy Birthday One!
I love you!

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