Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knitting Update

Did I ever mention that I quit knitting Two that sundress? Oops! Well, it turns out I had misread some of the directions and needed to rip out most of my work....down to the first three inches! Well, in the meantime, I had found a different pattern I had wanted to try next, and since my new pattern seemed like it would come together faster anyway....well, I decided to rip the whole thing out and start my new project instead.

It, of course, has a free pattern.

Here is the sample photo:

Here is the first side I have completed:

It is actually knit exactly like the sample photo image. Something about the yarn is making that funky stripe at the belly. As much as I like COLOR, I think from now on I should knit with solid yarn! I'm happy with it though and since the two sides are supposed to be knit exactly alike, I know I'll have the other side done in a flash! Or, at least in the next month or so... :o)

I offered to do the activity/craft for Tuesday Treasures again tonight. We played a game with easter eggs, another game with hula hoops, and also made these fun sun catchers!

(You have to excuse my nails...my manicurist is three years old!)

They were from a kids craft kit from Joann's and they were a little bit harder for our Treasures than I had anticipated, but with a little help, our Treasures left feeling very accomplished with a real craft to take home and show off. For some reason, the picture is way washed out. The one in the picture is actually yellow! There were blue ones in the package too.

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