Monday, October 5, 2009

A new quilt

I finished my Quilt-Along Quilt!
I'll post that on Wednesday,
but when Kari at Ucreate
posted this quilt:

(picture from Ucreate)

I knew it was the next quilt I had to make!
So call me C-R-A-Z-Y,
but if I break this up into six steps,
I'll have six weeks to make the quilt top,
two weeks to have it quilted
and it will all be done by December 1st!
Seems like perfect timing!

A crafty, non-blogging friend of mine
is going to be making this too
so if you would like to join us
in a very informal quilt-along,
the pattern is here,

and for this week, your assignment is to:

1.) Purchase your fabric
2.) Wash your fabric (optional, I'm not doing it)
3.) Iron your fabric, if necessary
4.) Cut your fabric

Are you in?

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