Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today is the kids' last soccer game.

We have been playing Mormon soccer.
That usually trips people up when I say that.
We're not Mormon, but we have some friends
that are and they invited us,
so let's compare:

City League vs Mormon Soccer:
Volunteer Coach vs Volunteer Coach
Different practice fields vs Both kids at same field
Different practice times vs Both kids at same time
Fundraising vs No Fundraising
Soccer League Shirt vs Cotton team shirt
$160 vs $5

Is there any question?!?

So go make friends with some Mormons!
Everyone at the games has been so friendly,
no one has been judgmental that
we went to a different church
and my kids have had a BLAST!!!
The focus was on sportsmanship
and having fun, I really cannot say enough
about how great it's been!

But let's get real here, with a really awkward time
of 5:30-6:30pm, I'm also really glad
that the season is finally over! :o)

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