Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two's Birthday Party

Two had a ballet party this year.
Her friends wore dance clothes to the party
and I hired a teen from our church
to come as "a real ballerina"
and teach them all a dance.

They had so much fun!

They even put on a performance at the end.

For party favors, I made each girl
a monogrammed bag.
The bags were $1 each from Joann's
and a quick test told me I could not applique
directly to the bag, (the bag totally melted!)
so instead I ironed on the letter to some coordinating fabric
and then hand-stitched that fabric to the bag.

Although in all honestly, they weren't all done
when guests started arriving,
so several of the moms helped me
tack the fabric onto the bags!
ha! What're friends for?!?
I think they turned out really cute!

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