Monday, August 16, 2010

What's for lunch?

Whatever you're taking for lunch,
why not take it in a cute
reusable snack/lunch bag?

You'll need:
clear vinyl
sew-on velcro

To make this sandwich bag
I cut my fabric approx 7 inches x 14 inches
and also some clear vinyl the same size.

1 - Sew fabric and vinyl together
right sides together
leaving a hole for turning

2 - Turn inside out

3 - Sew on velcro -
fuzzy velcro on vinyl side of one end
scratchy velcro on fabric side of the other end

I opted for the fuzzy side to be on top
and the scratchy side to be on the lower outside piece
(look at the picture above)
so it wouldn't scratch any hands
reaching into the bag.
That's also why I chose to do
a fold-over type bag
as opposed to a ziploc style.

So now that I've completely confused you...

4 - Sew up the sides of the bag

5 - Pack your lunch and enjoy
all the nice comments you'll receive!

To make a snack size bag,
cut your fabric approx 7 inches x 10 inches

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