Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday KIMI!!! (& reverse applique!)

Today is our fabulous friend's
nineteenth birthday!
Happy Birthday Kimi!

In a totally unfair post,
I'm going to show pictures
from a birthday party
that Kimi would have
absolutely wanted to be at
but couldn't because (ah-hem)
she chose a college
on the other side of the country.

So mean, I know.

Two has a church friend
that is currently attempting
to make blue and green
her new favorite colors.
(Because of cool older cousins.)

Here are my supplies:
*green shirt (from Target)
*blue fabric
*multi-colored fabric that contained blue/green AND pink/purple. Score!

I used interfacing and made an applique of the birthday girls' initial. I appliqued the letter a onto a big square of the blue fabric. Then the letter/blue background combo gets reverse appliqued onto the shirt!

It took me 30 min (seriously) to get the applique behind the shirt "perfectly" lined up with my template on the front of the shirt. Notice the strategic placement to ditch the original apple design of the shirt. So then I sewed about a 1/2 inch around my template, making sure the blue fabric was spread out nicely behind the shirt. Very scary, this is totally blind sewing! Here's what it looks like when you've done all that:

And then you must very bravely cut just inside the line you just stitched, through the shirt layer only, and cross your fingers like crazy that you got everything lined up enough that it ends up coming out pretty even like this:

Then trim up the back fabric (this is pre-trim):

Make a cute matching hair-bow to complete the gift:

And proceed to HAVE FUN at the party!

Happy Birthday Kimi!
I know Two and Two's church friend
would love to have partied with you!

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  1. :D :D :D :D

    you're right, I WOULD have loved to have been at that birthday party :)