Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

At DaddyMan's summer work party (at the beach), I did not take my eye off of Three only to find him on the neighboring coworkers blanket. I mean, at the beach, I know to have my two eyes on my three children at all times!

When I saw Three, was most certainly not eating some of the neighboring coworkers food.

It most certainly was not a bag of Fritos....those aren't baby food!

Upon fishing out the fritos that were not in Three's mouth, I did not discover that they were reasonably mushed up. Six teeth could definitely not mush up fritos to a safe level....

So I certainly did not shove them back in his mouth for his enjoyment and let him finish eating them! Everyone knows chips are not baby food!


At a recent dinner to Taco Bell (because we have a high class palate!) I did not get a run-down of a fellow customers attire.

It was not something like this:

Two: Look, that boy has a ponytail!

And a necklace...... but not a bracelet.

And an earring.

One: "It's not an earring when it's in your lip."

This conversation was not very loud and I was not totally embarrassed!

What have you not done?


  1. Don't you love the commentary kids can provide on our daily lives? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi fellow mom-of-3....same thing has happened to me on the beach :) "it's not an earring when it's in your lip"! Thanks for stopping by