Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

We have been working on the essential arm coverage of the cough/sneeze.
An annoying woman at church calls it the "Dracula Cover"
but she's annoying so I don't call it that.

However, we have been working on it.
Putting your arm up is not enough,
you have to actually cover your mouth.


So when I told my child to practice blowing kisses into her elbow (to get a feel for the right arm placement, right?), she most certainly did not raise her arm up and end up blowing her nose into her elbow!!! My directions are always clear. My child would never think that I might ask her to blow her nose into her arm....onto her jacket!

Oh my! Where would I be without Not Me Monday?!?


  1. Ahhhh, sometimes I wonder how their minds process things ! Happy NNM

  2. Hi :) Just stopping in from McMamas blog. You have a beautiful funny family. I made the laundry detergent you posted a ways back, a few times but with my 25 year old sons aczema I had to quit and go back to my regular brand. I love how the soap smelled and cleaned however.

  3. Love it! My son is notorious for wanting to rub is itchy (but thankfully not runny) nose on people's shirts! Do you ever feel guilty about grabbing the camera instead of helping? I certainly don't!

  4. Cute blog, and thanks for the comment earlier! I love the blowing the nose in the sleeve, gotta love kids' logic. At least she got the proper arm placement though, right? ;)

  5. Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog! Dracula cover...I needed one of those at 3 in the morning!

  6. Hahaha! We just call it the elbow cough at school, it's my favorite to watch kindergarten go down the hall, each and every face shoved into their elbow... just in case they may have a sneeze coming along!

  7. hahahahha! so cute! Thanks for the comment on my blog! and yes, I think I WILL use the toilet wand again on the bathtub! :) It seemed to do the trick!!! haha