Monday, September 14, 2009

Shuf-fle Step!

Two's dance class starts back up tomorrow.
It's a tap and ballet combo class.
Ballet is first,
then they change into their tap shoes
for the rest of the class.

Here are Two's tap shoes,
the generic tap shoes from Payless:

Notice a problem?
Most 4 yr olds can't tie their shoes.
It takes a long time for one teacher
to tie 12 pairs of tap shoes.
I want my moneys worth from the class....
I do not want to pay for 10 min of shoe tying
every week!

So I bought this:

Looped it through the holes of Two's tap shoes
to figure out the length I needed
for it to fit on Two's foot
and overlap just enough to stitch together:

See? Three little stitches:

Then I tied the original ribbon in a cute and even bow
(yes, it took me a few tries)
and tacked the bow onto the top layer only (very important!)
of the elastic loop I just made.

Aren't they so cute?!?
And yes, I will be bringing my elastic to class tomorrow
to offer to do this for the other kids' shoes.....

just like I did last year! :o)

Hey, a $1 investment in exchange for "extra" class time?
You just can't beat it!


  1. Fun! I can't wait for my little girl to start dance classes!

  2. Genius idea! Glad to see I'm not the only one going through tap-shoe-madness!