Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Film Canister Reveal

Here's what the film canisters became:

Cute fake prescriptions!!!
Because our school is dual-immersion,
the staff received one in each language.

Ours read:

Headache Helpers
Use as needed.
Return for refills.


Salvadores de Sanidad (Sanity Savers)
Usa cuando necessario.
Devuelve para rellenos.

These were so easy!

1.) We gathered film canisters for several weeks.
(Places were happy to give them to us (for free), but since most people go digital now, it took awhile. Don't worry though, if we hadn't picked them up, they would have been recycled!)

2.) We filled them with M&M's (any small candy would work).

3.) We added address labels (from the Dollar Store!) with our fake prescription on them.

It took less than an hour for me to complete about 70 of these start to finish.

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