Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tea Time!

Here's my table from the tea:

A hot pink sheet from Two's bed
tea cups that I've picked up from my favorite store over time
plus a few from the antique shops that were
carefully placed at a grown-ups chair :o)
and see those cute pots?
Remember how they looked yesterday?

And here is Two and myself all dressed up for the Tea in our hats

DaddyMan provided the music for the Tea
It was so cute to see Two run over to DaddyMan for hugs
....or to twirl his music stand around while he was playing his violin...

The girls at our table were all vying for attention
from our one and only available gentleman...

We all had fun! And the best part was that the men of the church were our servers!
They did a really great job. It was such a nice treat!

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