Sunday, May 31, 2009

Starlight Parade

There is nothing better than a night parade!!!
A parade at night when it's nice and cool,
they close all the streets down,
the floats are extra cool lit up with lights,
the marching band puts glowsticks inside of their drums,
it's just tons of fun.

One and friends waiting for the streets to be shut down:

(MN.2, MN.1, One)

So I know this one is blurry, but if you click on it, just check out how many kids are playing in the street. In the middle of downtown! Super fun!

More playing:

(MN.2, One, Two, MN.1)
Can I just say that I love that Two is down there with Batman, playing with all the boys? All of One's friends have little brothers. There's not a girl to be had in the entire bunch! At One's birthday party, the boys make Two the "bad guy"....she just sprayed her spiderweb at them and chased after them. It was no big deal. Of course, when the neighbor invited Two over to play with her daughters and Two wasn't quite sure what to do...well, I think Two is in need of some girl friends!

My favorite grad/youth/babysitter came to say hi. Turns out it was prom night! No marching in the parade for her this year. One thought they were getting married!

(Her date is wearing DaddyMan's tux!)

Here is Two showing me how to smile:

What would a night parade be without glow sticks?!

(Um, can you tell that Two's favorite color is still yellow? Yellow shirt, yellow chair, yellow glow stick?)

There were silly smiles:

And Storm Troopers:

It was definitely worth staying up late for!

(clearing my throat - Did I mention we got home around midnight? :o) )

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