Monday, May 4, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I agreed to be the person in charge of it this year. No, I'm not crazy....I've actually been having a lot of fun! The community has been so generous! All I've had to do is simply ask if people would/could donate. They could say yes or no, but I must say, I'm surprised at how many people said YES! We've received free bagels from Panera, free burritos from Taco Del Mar, free drinks from Sonic, a several other donations from local businesses! It's been amazing!

First of all, we decided to do a STAFF appreciation and are celebrating everyone at the school, not just the teachers. That amounts to roughly 70 people!

How much food do 70 people eat? I don't know!
I don't know, yet I went shopping for them today anyway!
Because we are feeding them breakfast in the morning!

Panera Bread donated 2 dozen bagels for our staff.
Then I bought 4 bags of grapes
20 oranges
6 packages of cream cheese
and 2 dozen humongo muffins.

Hopefully it will be enough! Stay tuned for what we're doing throughout the week for our staff! It involves more crafty stuff that you might want to try for yourself! Here's a hint:

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