Thursday, May 14, 2009

More than socks...

We lose pens! Pencils too. And unfortunately, those "lost" items have led to all sorts of "creativity" on my walls and some furniture. The main culprit is One and seeing as how he actually needs access to pencils for his homework, I'm taking an idea from the doctors' office....the humongous flower pen!

Here are my supplies:

floral stem tape ($2 Joanns)
fake flower bouquet ($2.50, 1/2price at Joanns)
lentils (left over from these beanbags)
cute pot for the "flowers" (remember?)

(I made sure to make all the pencils flowers and the pens leaves so that when I actually needed one or the other, we wouldn't have to go digging for what we were looking for. Need a pen? Grab a leaf! Need a pencil? Go for a flower!)

The finished product:

How cute is that?!
Using what I had on hand, this cost under $5 and went together in about 15 min. It's headed for my dining room table (where all the homework is done).
Decorative and functional....I love it!!

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