Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctor's Visits, Birthdays, and Recitals, Oh My!

This little guy has started wheezing. Poor guy. That alone accounted for three doctors visits in the last week. And $50 in medication that we only used for one day because it didn't work. Yeah, that felt good. Not really, but it was totally worth it because we ended up with a medicine that HAS worked. He gets it through this little dinosaur nebulizer.

He also had his Kidney Function Test (read: iv, catheter, and radio active dye) and the news was great! I had cancelled all plans for the evening so I could wait for a call from the doctor, but guess what?! He called about 10 minutes after we got home! Three's kidneys still don't drain normally of course, or fast enough, or even equally...but, they drain good enough, fast enough, and equally enough, to buy Three a little bit more time with no surgery! Wahoooooooooooo!!!! We'll go back again in three months.

Two had her dance recital rehearsal. Isn't she so cute? Here she is on the right with one of her dance friends:

It's my birthday!!! I was more excited about this one than the past few years because this year I turned THIRTY!!! Read that again....yes, I said excited! You see, I would really love to turn 90 and in order to do that, 30 is an absolute must! :o) What I really wanted was a good picture of me and my favorite little people. About 50 attempts and three locations later, this was the best one:

I'm thirty!!! :o)

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