Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tutorial: Wear it on your lapel, wear it in your hair!

Back on this post I teased you
about a cute flower pin that
I managed to turn into a hair accessory
for Two.

The big reveal is finally here!

Here are your supplies:
* Alligator clip
* 3/8" ribbon, enough to line your clip
* Electrical wire cover

Line the inside of your clip as usual. While the hot glue is cooling, put another big glob of glue on top of the clip and place your electrical wire tube perpendicular to the clip:

Finish lining your clip as usual:

Here is the Messy Flower grad gift I made all set to be worn as a pin:

(How much am I wishing I had used white thread?! Don't ask!)

And here it is "pinned" through the adapted alligator clip:

Pretty neat trick, don't you think?!

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