Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kinder Graduation!

One looked mighty fine on graduation day!

He was taller on graduation day,
he was smarter on graduation day,
and his tie was sewed on so it wouldn't get lost!
He thought that was so funny!

We also got brave and attempted
a picture of just the kids....

It worked out great so
I think One must have been
stronger on graduation day too!

This is the super fun tree just outside of the kinder classroom. I have let the kids climb on it all year and only just found out last week that they're not supposed to! Oops!

After graduation, we headed to McD's for ice cream (and apparently some chicken nuggets too since Gran was there to say "Yes, of course!"). Playing afterwards was a must. I love this picture! They decided to do this all by themselves! I love that they really are (for the most part) best friends!

How lucky am I?!?

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