Monday, June 29, 2009

The Best for Last

So the last grad gift has been delivered!

This one has been my most favorite,
the most thought out,
the most personalized.
It's for my favorite grad!

I always call her my babysitter, even though she's only babysat for us once. The thing is, we don't ever use a babysitter because no one is good enough to entrust my children to.
Except for Kimi! I absolutely trust her. She's definitely #1 on my list for when my mom is out of town. Well, forget #1, she's the only one. So even though we didn't utilize her more, it is the highest compliment I can give to still call her our babysitter.

My kids adore her!
And if they grow up to be like her,
I will be thrilled.

Unfortunately (for us), she is going far, far away for school,
so her gift had to be small enough to pack.

It's a two-sided pillowcase!

The first side is our state university, her forever favorite:

The other side is for the actual university she's attending:
(Did I mention it's all the way across the country?)

The embroidery ended up being easier than I thought. Maybe I'm the last one invited to the party on this one, but I ended up copying the design onto some tracing paper I had from stamping (because I'm too cheap to buy vellum and the tracing paper works just as well), pinning the paper to the fabric, and then stitching right through it!

I used three strands of embroidery thread. The paper pulled off super easy when I was all done and the end result was so much better than if I had attempted it freehand!

Congrats Kimi!
We're so proud of you!

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  1. Hey! That's mine! Finally...hahaha after all my snooping trying to figure out what it was :)

    I LOVE it ssooo much! And I am so extremely proud to be called your is kinda funny though that I did only babysit for you once...before Two and Three were even born! But nonetheless, I love your kids and you know I'd babysit anytime =]

    Thank you again!!!