Friday, July 3, 2009

99 cent Tommy Hilfiger Dress

I don't think DaddyMan was thrilled when I wanted to take time today to make Two a special 4th of July dress (you know, last minute and all). I'm sure he was envisioning hours and hours but this outfit came together in no time! It's the basic pillowcase dress with a felt flower inspired by flowers Kimba used to have in her shop. Two is all about double french braids lately but didn't want to wear the two red, white, and blue korker hairbows I made last year in her hair. But she was all for putting them on her dress! I just clipped them onto the ribbon at the shoulder and I think they look so cute!

Best of all, since this dress started out as a Tommy Hilfiger pillowcase for only 99 cents....

I'm pretty sure that now makes it Two's 99 cent Tommy Hilfiger DRESS!


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