Friday, July 10, 2009

Magazine Cover

We've been on vacation this last week
so there's nothing crafty to show you

Look who made the front of a magazine?!?

(pic from

That is my cousin!
No, he's not modeling, he's just doing his job.
My mom calls him Dr Dirt.

He's six years older than me and I was an annoying little cousin. He once offered to pay my aunt one whole dollar to take him somewhere without me! That hurt my feelings but he totally made up for it by telling me about the "monsters" that were under the bathroom sink at our grandparents house so I wouldn't get into anything down there (we're so old, that was pre-safety lock days :o) ) and trying to teach me how to ride a bike.

Now he's the daddy of two little girls...

oh yeah....

and a supermodel too!

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