Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our "happy" 4th of July!

I'm sorry,
but I love this picture.

Two was crying because the sun was in her eyes. Don't see any bright light from the sun on her? Yeah, me either. But check out that dress!

Three was getting ready to crawl away, completely distracted by all the faces Gran was making trying to get Two to smile.

And One, sitting there very patiently even though he was soooo ready to take off with DaddyMan to be in the parade.

Ahhh, moments like these ...what can you do?!

But things got better!

Here's One on his Boy Scout float:

Two got her smile back and some red gel in her hair:

And someone who would get her candy!
(That's the famous Kimi!)
Three's on the other side of the street there with Gran in the shade.

Here are my favorite signs from the parade:

"Life's too short to clean your own house" (maid services)

Freedom spelled with READ - LOOOOVE it!!

This one is for an adult marching band. Their slogan?
"We eat better than we play."

We ended the evening with fireworks at church,
followed by fireworks at home.

Happy 4th!

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