Friday, July 24, 2009

An unexpected celebration

Growing up I had a baby blue banana bike
with a rainbow on the seat,
streamers and a basket on the handles...
and training wheels.
Because I didn't learn to ride until I was twelve years old.
(Yes, that's right people, I was athletic like that.)

I had no idea how to teach my babies how to ride bikes.
When I finally learned how, I could just do it,
and I never fell down.
(I was twelve afterall!)
So how in the world were we going to teach them?

Our old neighbors just slowly raised their kids' training wheels.
Their bikes gradually got more wobbly
and their kids gradually learned how to balance
and pedal at the same time.

Seemed to work fine.

But then a friend of mine mentioned a scoot bike.
(Oddly enough, I had seen one on Sesame Street
when Grover visited a kid in a Scandanavian country.
Apparently that's what everyone does over there.)
Anyway, her son learned to ride his bike in a week!
So the scoot bike seemed like the way to go
but 90+ bucks?!? NO WAY!!!

So I went to my favorite store and the bikes had just been marked down to $2! Wahoo! We picked out a decent one, brought it home, and DaddyMan took off the pedals. Viola! Scoot bike for $2.

That was three days ago.

Today, One wanted to give his real bike a try.
The one with pedals.
I gave him a push to get started
and then kept running along side him to keep him going fast enough.

But he didn't really need it.

The hardest thing to do was letting go of my baby
so that he could keep going on his own.

But he did it!
My baby can ride his bike!

Here he is with his training-wheel-free bike:

Naturally this called for celebration:

My boy order strawberry:

When he finished , he said "Can I call Gran now and tell her what I did?" Of course!

My baby!
I'm so proud!
And a little in shock at how easy it turned out to be!

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