Friday, December 4, 2009

Give Water

Will it be yours?
But kids die every day
because they do not have access
to clean water.

Did you know that $10 can buy
clean, fresh water for someone
for 10 years?

Ten years!

Did you see that Oprah show
where students went to go build a school
in Africa? I wish I could find the episode but...

The students walked with these children as they went to get water.
They filled their containers in the same lakes
(large rain puddles?) where they bathed.
The same lakes that they drove their cattle through.
The same lakes the cows pooped in.
The water was the color of mud.
The students were saying,
"Don't you know you could get sick?"
"Don't swim in the water, you could die!"
The children already knew this.
But what could they do? It was all they had.

The students were in tears because they had
fresh, clean water provided to them everyday.
They ended up giving their water
to the children they were building the school for.
Then they came home and worked together
to raise enough money
to get a well for that town.

These were young teenagers that did this.
Oh how I wish I could find that episode!
It was incredibly moving.

$10, 10 years.

To find out more, go here.
To see what it might be like if we ran out of clean water, go here.
Or check out Julie's fund-raising raffle, here.

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