Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

I would never use my vehicle as a babysitter. Nope! I would never send my kids to go get their seat belts on (we park in the garage) even though it's not quite time to go! I mean, having them secure in one place while I run around getting all the last minute items together? No way! This does not sometimes go awry. For example, it never takes longer than I think it will. And they never get snarky at each other while couped up in the van unsupervised! I've never made them all get back out of the van to get spankings, only to send them right back into the van. Nope! Not my perfectly behaved children. :o)

On Saturday, DaddyMan did not offer to let me have some time to myself. I did not jump on the idea and then plan on leaving as soon as I got dinner started in the crockpot. Upon deciding this was a ridiculous idea, I did not proceed to introduce DaddyMan to my beloved crockpot. When I left, the microwave was not beeping, One was not talking back, Two was not whining, and Three was definitely not mere nano-seconds away from eating some dog food! I did not proceed to leave without even a second thought! Nope! And I certainly did not get a little tickle of -dare I say it?- joy from leaving DaddyMan with this crazy scene! I mean, I do it everyday. I know how crazy it can get. I would never choose for DaddyMan to have to deal with such craziness. Especially not with the thought in my mind that he might be more compassionate if he really got the worst of it.... No way! Not me!


  1. Yay for you and some "me" time!


  2. My sister and I have a theory that a man would have to do the job for a YEAR to really "get" what a mom has to do. :)

  3. LOL Sounds like you couldn't get out of the house fast enough! I don't blame you. Hope you enjoyed your alone time. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :)

    Kristi, Hello...Is This On?

  4. I had to laugh at the vehicle babysitter. I do the same thing! I put them in there at least 5 (sometimes 10) minutes before I know we have to leave, then get everything else ready. I think it's ingenious!

  5. I never feel a ahem, joyous moment when the kids are going crazy and I am leaving. That would be so rude, because we know children ALWAYS behave well for the mommies so we are never ever happy that the daddies find out why we are a little crazy at the end of the day!

    Also, cars are the best babysitters ever. Until the kiddos learn how to undo their seat belts....

  6. We had a sick kid on Wednesday and Paul said "I will stay home and do all the stuff you normally do so you can finish your finals" I learned that I tak a nap every morning, and watch TV with the kids, and let him cook dinner. It is always good to know what you do all day. I wasn't upset about what didn't get done, just what he thinks I do. It is good to know DaddyMan got a small taste of how crazy life with kids gets. They can be totally understanding and appreciative, but they never really understand 'til they go through it.

  7. Hi! Thank you for coming by on Monday and for the birthday wishes! I hope that your FB birthday hints for your hubby works for you! :)

    And I do the same thing and have my car "babysit" the kids for a couple minutes, lol! And I have been known to run out the door too, lol! Great post!

    PS Your Christmas card shoot pictures are too cute!