Monday, December 7, 2009

Not Me Monday

I would never let my children cook all by themselves. Teach them independence? Not me!

And I am certainly not so controlling over certain things that I would need to remove myself from the kitchen, just so my children could actually practice new, messy skills without me taking over. Nope!

So when One was not making cinnamon rolls (from a can), I certainly did NOT hear a big thump, nor did I see One picking up a big wad of cinnamon roll dough off the floor when I peeked in. I certainly refrained from fulling entering the kitchen to investigate, which means I never actually removed one of Two's beautiful hairs that was dangling off the cinnamon roll that had not just been on the floor!

Oh my!

The independent cooking did not continue independently. My only job did not solely consist of putting the rolls into the oven and taking them out. One did not go on to ice the cinnamon rolls himself and they were certainly not super delicious!

I was not a super proud mama at that point! Independence rocks! And when he makes his wife breakfast in bed, she better not send me flowers for raising such a fabulous son! :o)

(okay, I cheated. This is a pic from when we made cookies. )

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