Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Technical Difficulties & a Christmas Flop

Due to some technical difficulties
(like my computer filing Sunday's picture in October...
what's up with that?)
and some crafty difficulties
I just posted for the last three days!

Christmas Flop #1
(yes, it needs to be numbered, it's not alone!)
The Advent Calendar:

How many times have I said I hated it?
Here and here, to name a few.

Well, guess what?
I still hate it
and I'm stuck on the particularly involved Dec 10th.

Embroider this 1/2cm section.
Change thread.
Add these three sequins.
Cut out the piece.
Change thread.
Attach to the base square.
Find the next felt color and coordinating piece.


It makes it soooo involved,
literally HOURS for each square,
and I'm just really not enjoying it.
You know what that means?
It's time to stop!
I'm not quitting, just changing my strategy.

Oh yeah, and deciding I don't care if it doesn't get done this year.

The new strategy is to prepare every single piece individually
ahead of time so that when it's done,
making the squares is really just a matter of assembly.

Make sense?
Here's where I got stuck on Dec 10th:

(See why the love/hate? They're still so cute!)

And here's the blue felt that I have now completely prepared:

It doesn't look like much, but every
piece has its embroidery and it's sequins
just waiting to go and already
I'm feeling so much more energized about it!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's craft
which makes it completely acceptable
that this one is currently unfinished!

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