Tuesday, February 16, 2010

17 mos & a haircut

Three turned 17 mos last week!

At 17 months, he's:
*started walking backwards (for fun, not for getting around!)
*able to drink small amounts out of a real cup
*might actually weigh 21 lbs, or is very close (still under chart)
*has switched to drinking half & half rather than soy cream,
with only slight worsening of his excema
*is so close to running
*taking 1-2 naps a day

And he also got his first haircut!

Here's the before:

Not the best picture but you can see
how long and thin it was,
resulting in scraggly, fly-aways.

He got to pick this cute chair:

Ready to go!

Ta da!

He would not look at me afterwards!
But I thought they did pretty good,
much better than I could have ever done
with a squirmy 17 mos old!

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