Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome Home Quilt

***Spoiler Alert*** You know who you are!


Here's a cutie pic of Three
while she looks away:


The Welcome Home Quilt
might be done!

It's not as big as I was envisioning
so I'm considering a border.

Not sure yet.
See, I have some time
because... (warning! side story....)
I just took a long-arm quilting class
at the local quilt store.
This was going to be my first quilt
but when I tried to schedule
some time with the machine
the first opening wasn't for 2 weeks!
So, anyway,
I have some time to decide.

Right now it's about the size
of One's quilt
which just doesn't seem right
for an adult.....

I did find the backing though:

And anything that gets laid
on the floor,
immediately gets a body:

(yes, he's wearing One's socks)

I do have some extra fabric
so right now I'm leaning towards
taking the time to make it bigger.

Stay tuned!

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