Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome Home!!!

Guess what's in this bag?

It's the Welcome Home Quilt!!!

I love it so much!
Those borders added
so much to the quilt.
I'm really glad
I added them.
They really made it pop
and turned it into something
I was proud to give.

The back is a light green
and I quilted it with a
meandering pattern.

I used a green thread
that was a few shades darker
than the backing material
so it would actually show
on the brown borders.

I did the binding all by hand
using Old Red Barn Co's tutorial.

Then I threw the finished quilt
in the washer and just look
at all the puckery goodness!

Welcome Home my friend!
Congrats on your first house!

1 comment:

  1. And may I say...this friend LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her quilt! And it matches the home so perfectly! Thanks for helping to make a house a home! I love you!