Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Week: Day 3, Kid Made Valentines

I wanted the kids to make
their own valentines this year.
They should get to join
in on the fun too, right?
I found inspiration
in the dollar bin
at Joann's.

3 stamps for $1!!!
Can you believe it?!?

Gran cut up some card stock,
we had a merlot ink pad,
had the kids stamp
the design they wanted,
and hot glued at hershey's kiss
in the center.

Those clear block stamps
are awesome for kids!
Although I must say,
my 4 yr old did much better
than my 6 yr old.
(Probably because my 6 yr old
did not want to listen to directions
because of course he's smarter
than mom... :o) )

The kids wrote their names
on the front too.

$1 stamp set
$2.50 pkg of hershey kisses
=$3.50 for 50 valentines
and some leftover chocolate for mom.

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