Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Week, Day 4: Valentine Ballet

Two was supposed to wear
red, pink, or white
to ballet this week.

An excuse to craft?

So first I started with this:
This was my first time using
that E-6000 glue.
It was amazing!
But be warned, if you live in CA,
(which I don't)
it might cause cancer
so make sure you use it outside.
Even if it's freezing cold
and you were too lazy
to put some shoes back on.
Just sayin'.

Anyway, I used glue to wrap ribbon
around a plastic headband
(I get them here)
and a leftover felt heart
that never made it onto
last year's garland.

Here's the best pic I got
of the final product:

Throw in a tutu
that Santa made
(mostly using this tutorial):

And Two was only
slightly overdressed
for ballet:

PS. Here's how Three
spends time at ballet. :o)

I just realized that
he wore red too.

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