Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green and more Green

No pinching occurred in our family today!
Although Two told me that she pinched
DaddyMan this morning....
even though he was wearing green....

Here's the green crew
plus One's best bud:

Yesterday's skirt turned out pretty cute!
Two's teachers said they were waiting
to see what she would wear today.
Not sure if that's a comment on the fact
that I often let her dress herself
or the fact that we go a little crazy
with theme-dress days. Hmmm.

So another craft that was
St Patty's appropriate totally on accident
(thanks to some scrap yarn)....

I learned to crochet!
From somebody's Aunt Esther.
Doesn't that name make her
sound immediately competent?
Anyway, youtube had many how-to videos
but if you're wanting to learn how to crochet,
you have to check out Aunt Esther!
It was a breeze and by the end of her videos
you can chain stitch, double stitch, half double stitch
and basically go crazy!

After a few attempts at each style,
I'm going for it with this beanie hat pattern.
It's gauged for a teen/young adult
but I used a smaller crochet hook
hoping for a smaller size
and let's face it,
also because that's the size crochet hook I had.

Anyway, it's looking too big for an infant
so at this point this hat belongs to
Whoever It Fits When I'm Done With It.
But it does actually look like a hat
so for my first attempt
(at least so far)
I'm calling it a success!

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  1. This really has nothing to do with your post besides the fact that there are photos in the blog. Do you have a digital slr, or another really nice camera? The quality of your photos are lovely, and not the average digital cam that every family possesses.