Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paintbox Squares: Red

Here are my first paintbox squares
for the paintbox quilt along:

I haven't ironed them
or squared them up yet
(and in all honesty I probably won't)
but I like how they turned out!

Although I do have a big beef
with the amount of fabric
we were supposed to order.

Elizabeth at Oh Fransson
said one roll-up and a coordinating
10" square for each fabric.

So I bought 10" of each
coordinating fabric
so I could cut it down to
a 10" square.

Well, in what is probably a big
"duh" moment,
of course all I really needed was
a 2 1/2" strip.
Just like the jelly roll.

So really I bought 3x the amount of fabric
that I actually needed....

But that's okay.
I'm trying to build up
my scrap stash to either make
a ticker tape quilt

(picture taken from sew mama sew)

or even a scrappy square quilt
of just rainbow colored squares
for Baby Four
because I do love color
and especially rainbows....

So it's actually a positive thing.
Now I just to decide what to do!
Although I should probably
finish all of the paintbox squares first....


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