Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Baby Gift

Two's best preschool bud's mama
just had baby girl #3.
She already has all things pink,
tons of clothes, etc but I happen to know
that mama's favorite color is RED
and I have really never seen her
with any red baby gear
so rather than buy her something
sensible, like diapers,
I'm sticking with the homemade route
and went for some RED!

Here's a red burp cloth:

Some red and pink baby legs
using this tutorial:
(Target has a ton of cute knee high socks for $2 each that are just perfect for these!)

Some red fabric sewed onto a 3x5 card
made for a super-fast, super-cute card:

Wrapped it all up cute with a red ribbon:

And had a seriously cute RED baby gift
that cost me under $5
but made up for it in personalized
homemade goodness!

Mama was so excited about it.
She goes, "Did you know red's my favorite color?!?"
Uh, yeah, I had an idea.

I love giving homemade!

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