Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kidney Beans

We did something new today.

We went in for a routine kidney ultrasound,
and for the first time they looked at
Three's kidneys through his back:

It worked okay at first.
Much better actually.
He was cozy.
They had him covered
with warm towels.
He had a cracker.
But he was tired.
And when he sleeps on his tummy,
he always pulls his knees up
so his bum is in the air.

That doesn't work so well
when they want you to lay flat.
The lady kept pulling his legs
back down like they might actually
stay there.

Yeah right.

So there was a lot of crying.
And eventually they turned him
back over onto his back.
On his back, where he can actually
reach the little wand thing
and try to push it away.

They don't like that either.

But the news was fine.
His bad kidney is still bad.
It still has a huge sack of pee around it.
But it's slightly smaller.
And his good kidney is still good.
It's not having to do anything
to compensate for the bad kidney
which means the bad kidney
is still functioning fine.

I would love a really fabulous improvement
but I am so glad that this was enough
to, yet again, avoid surgery.

So.... we just sit and wait for
another six months!

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