Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St Patrick's Day

Two came home from school
worried about having to wear green
or you'll get punched!

You better watch out for those Baptists!
(She goes to a Baptist preschool.)
I've always heard it as "pinched"
so I don't know if she heard it wrong
or if they really said punched
but either way,
I can't pass up a chance
to give my Baptist friends
a hard time.

Moving on...

I hate to admit it
but I used to own
a pair of green lounge pants.

So when wearing something green
suddenly became super important to Two
I gladly pulled my green pants
out of the goodwill bag
and chopped them up
to make this cute skirt:

And ruffled the edges using this tutorial:

The whole thing took about 5 min
and Two should escape any
pinches or punches that come her way.
Safety first!

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