Sunday, December 21, 2008

As if I needed one more thing to do....

Welcome to my first blog! I have recently become addicted to crafty mom blogs. Unfortunately they waste as much of my time as Facebook does but it is oh-so-much fun and I get so many ideas! I love it! My craft to-do list is getting longer, my commitment to handmade is getting stronger (and more attainable)....I am so inspired. Unfortunately my house is not getting any cleaner and the circles under my eyes are not getting any smaller, but, with my own blog, I'll at least be accomplishing something and hopefully be able to backtrack one day and remember how much fun I was having during my best attempt to be a crafty, loving, super mom.

We woke up this morning to no power and a house temp of 58 degrees! Eight inches of snow topped with a quarter inch of ice meant an entire week's early start to Christmas Break for the kids and what little craft time I had went straight out the window! Not a great situation considering I have about five more projects (read: GIFTS!) to complete before Christmas! Oh no! Fortunately, the kids are young enough that I can surprisingly craft their gifts right in front of them! Amazing! They definitely get that from the DaddyMan.

Speaking of him, he updated our bathroom today! Brought it completely out of the 70's. I'll try to post some pictures soon. It really makes a huge difference. Now, I'll admit he was reluctant to update the bathroom for my Christmas gift. His version: he was going to have to update it no matter what (true) so it wouldn't really count as a gift (false, I asked for a new bathroom). But, after explaining to him the fantastic two-for-one opportunity -bathroom gets updated AND it doubles as a gift- and considering the above mentioned snow (read: lack of last minute shopping opportunity) he was convinced! I love my bathroom! Now I can pee happier. :o)

Now if I had posted yesterday, my first post would have been something like this: "Take Baby Jesus out of your pants!" I have wanted the Willow Tree Nativity for several years now. I told DaddyMan I was finally going to buy it this year but I didn't. Living on one budget, I usually have too many excuses to not spend money on myself so this was a big deal and he wholeheartedly agreed. (He really is amazing. I need to remember that more often.) But, when shopping at my favorite store (Goodwill!), I found an entire kids' nativity set bagged -get this- with an entire cast of Star Wars figurines (for One) and other misc, including a girl and puppy for Two's doll house...all for TWO DOLLARS! I knew I had my new nativity set (and some Christmas gifts too - score!)! I think it's really cute and best of all, I don't have to stress over the kids messing with the nativity. The only rule was that all the pieces had to stay in the living room so they didn't get lost. However, it wasn't long before I found them lounging in the doll house in Two's room and told her she needed to bring them back to the living room. Well, Two is 3 yrs old and it just wouldn't be any fun to use your hands, now would it? Nope! Two unzipped her footed jammies and was cramming Baby Jesus and all the other characters down her jammie pants! Hilarious! They eventually made it into their expected spot, completely unaware of the excitement to come. I'll share that story tomorrow!

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