Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Back away from the scissors

I was rescued from the house today! My parents came to pick me up in their truck and we went on The Great Adventure to Joann's. I imagine it would feel the same if we were four-wheeling through a huge muddy field but it was so great to get out. I picked up my much needed D-rings and this super cute book. Here is a picture of Two's apron. I'm sure I'll eventually add pockets but at least now we can finally use them!

In a last minute crunch to get everything ready for the morning, DaddyMan prepared to wrap the last few presents. He had to gather things from my regular wrapping station (ie-the bed) because Three sleeps in there with us and of course, being 11pm, he was actually sleeping. I was at the sewing machine finishing up the aprons and he very politely asks if he can borrow my scissors. Um, NO! Now, I very vividly remember the conversation we had when I first bought my pair of Fabulous Fabric Scissors, and how they were only for my use and exclusively for fabric.... It was very similar to the conversation my grandmother had with me many many years ago about her fabric scissors, and no, I don't think I'm being even the eentsiest bit selfish. So, he gave me a look that said I must be crazy and then went to get a different pair of scissors without saying a word. Sometimes he is so smart.

Because of the weather, Christmas Eve services were canceled at our church. After my early trip out with the parents, I very much agree that it was necessary, but it made me rather sad as well. You see, Three was supposed to be Baby Jesus tonight. Not in some lame reinactment, but our Pastor always holds a baby during his short message every Christmas Eve to remind us that Jesus, too, came to us as a baby. Two got to be Jesus when she was a newborn. Now of course we all know that Jesus came as a baby, but to see it like that, is so very touching. Definitely more so now that I am a mother. It makes the true meaning of Christmas much more real to me. To hold my little baby and know that, thousands of years ago, another mother held her son, the same way I hold mine.... May it be real for you too.

Merry Christmas!

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