Friday, December 26, 2008

A knitting dilemma

With most of the Christmas crafts complete (I still have a few more days for extended family gifts and 11 months -wow!- to complete my advent calendar and Three's stocking), I can move on to something else. Tonight I'm working on a baby blanket for a friend made with boucle yarn from Joann's. I knew the yarn was light blue and white, but I was still a little surprised that it would create such obvious striping. It's a cute touch because otherwise this blanket isn't going to be anything fancy -those aren't ruffles, they're smooshed blanket on circular needles!- but you should feeeeel the yarn. It's so soft! Well, I thought I had until mid-February (her due date) to complete it but I just got an invite to a baby shower for her! Surprise! I wasn't expecting a shower for baby number three. I was going more for the super-thoughtful-friend-that-made-you-a-gift-just-because, darn it! So now, not only am I a bad friend for not thinking of the shower myself, now I have less than two weeks to finish this thing! Of course, I could always give her diapers. Something I'm sure she actually needs. And then still give her the blanket later.... We'll see how it goes. I have a little Three of my own that is just the yummiest distraction!

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