Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When one sled just isn't enough

So the kids have been having so much fun in the snow! Today, DaddyMan got out the sled and you can see what fun it turned into! He is definitely the fun parent and that's okay. Yesterday he was out making snow angels too! That is a sight to see!

I am not nearly so crazy. I took advantage of the kid-free time and finally got some sewing done. I made matching aprons for Two and I, since she has been borrowing One's since the beginning of the Kid Chef program. I would never dress my kids the same, but me and my girl? Don't you know it! Hey, it's only an apron. :o) However, with the snow and all, I can't get out to get the D-rings I desperately need to complete them so they are sitting on a chair. Unfinished. And the worst part is that Two is my Kid Chef tonight. Oops.

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