Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharing the crafty love

After telling Two that Valentine's Day was this weekend....and then realizing that I actually had an entire extra week more than I thought I did....I decided to finally get my Valentine garland made. I've envisioned it for awhile. Spent too long looking at my felt color choices. Given up on it for awhile. And then when I finally decided to go for it, the color I had chosen was completely cleaned out!

But not to fear, LUCY to the rescue! (Yes, I am on a first-name basis with the lady at the cutting counter at Joann's. Jealous?) Apparently felt comes on a bolt too! Who knew? Not only that, it is much cheaper on the bolt than in those 25 cent sheets next to the dyed feather boas that I'm allergic to.

So here is my garland! It's all held together (barely) with fabric glue that somehow never quite works for me. Maybe it's the 24hr wait time involved...

(hearts: fushia, baby pink, and sparkle white felt and letters: sparkle black felt)

In the picture that was my inspiration, some of the hearts were made into a ponytail holder. This was what I was going to do for Two, only, in a moment of craziness, I decided to let her cut out her own felt hearts! I drew the patterns on little felt squares and let her cut them out. She did a pretty good job, although she did describe her shapes as "monsters" so maybe we should work on our shapes a little bit more, BUT, I asked her if I could clean up her shapes and it all turned out fine. Throw in a yellow ribbon (of course), which makes the whole deal more of a "sherbet" heart, and there you have a fun ponytail holder that Two actually made herself!

(hearts: shocking pink, orange, and baby pink felt - pony tail elastic - yellow grosgrain ribbon)

And that my friends, is how I am passing the crafty love down to my daughter.

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