Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quilt for One

So this Christmas became the Christmas
of the unfinished gift.
Not that it was obvious.
But I was getting stressed
and decided that I needed to enjoy the holiday
a bit more and take time to appreciate
the real meaning of Christmas.

(ps. It's not homemade gifts.)

Sooo, I had planned on making jammies
but bought them instead.
No one knew.

I had planned on making
Christmas pillowcases
but put it off for next year.
No one knew.

Give my son an unfinished quilt?
Oh my, never hear the end of it!!!
It was only short the binding, come on now!
And actually, my daughter found it
much more hilarious than my son.

"Mommy gave One a quilt that wasn't finished!"
She told everyone!
"How was your Christmas?" That was her answer!

But all became well today.

One actually picked out the fabric himself
during a pre-Christmas trip to Joann's.
However I of course told him it was for somebody else.
And since he knew about the last CraftHope project,
he totally fell for it.

It's pretty big but not too big.
Good for snuggling or taking in the car.

Apparently it's also perfect for reading,
One's most favorite activity after soccer.

Would you believe I actually had to make him
put his book down so I could take all those
first pictures! Oh my!

Anyone elses kid just crazy over A to Z Mysteries?
The school library can't keep them on the shelf!

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