Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flower Girl

I made this cute little outfit
for a little girl who was turning 4.

Two picked out the shirt
and the fabric was a find from the remnant bin
of Joann's Tutti Fruitie line!


I cut out one of the larger flowers
from the skirt fabric
and appliqued it onto the t-shirt
with some green fabric from my stash
to create a coordinating outfit.

I also used my hem foot to make the skirt hem!

It turned out nice but let me tell you,
I felt like I was doing it wrong
the entire time!

I found several tutorials that showed you
how to sew with the hem foot,
but none showed you how to start
sewing with a hem foot!
So that part was a disaster
and when I sewed the sides together
I just left that part out!

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